The place where homegrown grit meets creativity with a lasting finish.


Saw's Edge Woodshop is driven by individuals designing and producing a variety of home décor items. Our team produces custom cabinetry and furnishings for the home and office. We also offer custom work. Find that finishing touch to your space.

Saw's Edge Woodshop is a community based workplace in a small town eager for the opportunity to work with customers looking for a quality product created with passion.

Need a custom quote?

Our dedicated team is ready to make your project happen, from custom cabinetry to handcrafted West Virginia signs made from turn of the century hardwoods. Contact us today.

Want to be a wholesaler?

Not only do we focus on providing quality handcrafted goods to our customers, we also look to create lasting relationships with distributors and retailers across the region. Contact us today.

Home furnishings handmade in West Virginia.